Dear freshman me,
 Don't second guess yourself, and put down the junk food. You need better ways to relive stress. I know school's hard but you'll make it though it. Just eat healthy, and remember to smile.
-Sincerely senior you
Dear Young Me,
 Open your eyes! Sure the relationship wasn't perfect (and neither was he), but he fought like hell to keep it going, and all you do was run away because of your stupid fear. If you had opened up more and not constantly pushed him away, he might still be here.
-Wishing I could go back
Dear young me,
 Dont tell your sister you hate her. All the fights are not worth the grief. You and your sister actually become best friends.
-Younger sisters everywhere
Dear Young Me,
 Eventually you will meet a man who treats you right, stay hopeful and keep trying. He's out there.
-Happily settled.
Dear Young Me,
 You're biological father isn't anything like you thought. He's a good man who screwed up. You have his eyes.
-Not abandoned.
Dear emotional younger me, ,
 You should've known he was a liar, but its okay. He doesn't deserve someone as cool as you. Don't worry, guys grow up as you leave high school.
-XO, Smarter me.
Dear Young Me,
 The broken ribs he leaves you with are nothing compared to emotional damage. You will have a scar on your soul. Don't stay, he'll never change.
-Damaged Goods
Dear Younger Me,
 It only gets worse. But it makes you stronger and gives you more opportunities. Hang in there.
-Older Me.
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