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Dear Young Me,
 You at least live to be this old, so stop worrying and do some crazy shit!
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 You know that band you like a lot? You should sit down.
-Older Me.
Dear younger self,
 It's okay to feel awkward everywhere you go. It's part of life. You can be yourself, even if your personality is a soft spoken doormat with a patient streak a mile wide. Also trust passwords to prove you are from the future are silly. Use them for alternative timeline identification. Got that?
-Hannah the imaginary friend
Dear Young Me,
 If you hear noises coming from Mom's room, stay out!
-Can't unsee some things.
Dear Young Me,
 He will leave.
Dear Young Me,
 You will make bad decisions because you don't want your heart to hurt. The life that you will miss out on will hurt your heart even more.
-It may be too late
Dear Younger Self,
 Don't reject trying new things because they are popular.
-Enjoying 30 Rock.
Dear Me,
 Stop eating boogers.
-Booger addict
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