Dear Young Me,
 Don't make any rash decisions because you are unhappy. Trying to leave the world early is not the only option. Happiness will come to you, because you yourself will find it. Don't wait for anyone else to give it to you.
-a wiser me
Dear Young Me,
 He'll always be your soul mate, so stop going off with other guys.
-Get some morals
Dear Young Me,
 Skip the bad boy. The good one is so much better.
-Happy and in love
Dear un-ingured younger self,
 FOCUS when you attempt that dive cartwheel in gymnastics. Just trust me on this one. It will save you from 2 surgeries and not having full mobility in your right arm,
-Love, an older you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't listen to yourself. He's out there.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 We made it out OK, but if you can, leave him when you find out he's in love with his ex. Not worth it.
-That One Regret
Dear Young Me,
 Don't go to University, I don't care how passionate you are about English - it will be useless. Get a business degree at the local Community College, and realize that you are so much smarter for doing so.
-Older and not as pretentious you.
Dear Young Me,
 You will have so many regrets in your life. Your children are not among them. You will learn you will fight to the death for them. Cherish every moment, time is short.
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