Dear Young Me,
 Your parents love you even if they make awful choices for themselves. It's not your fault they drink so don't blame yourself. Go to your sister she will always protect you.
-Love, Me
Dear sweet and innocent me,
 Don't believe him when he says he's faithful to you. He's cheating, and will give you an STD in the process before you find out. You will never know how many people he was with, and when you find out he will take all the money out of your joint account, leaving you penniless. Don't trust him.
-Love, less innocent me
Dear Young Me,
 hindsight is 20/20, but you're not. No worries though, glasses are 'in'
-the one they call specs
Dear stupid me,
 Stop trying to impress him. He's not worth it. It takes a lot longer to get the pieces of yourself back then it does to give them away.
-A little less stupid me
Dear Confused Young Me,
 Stop worrying about what everybody else thinks of you.
-Signed, Clarified.
Dear Young Me,
 If he loves you, he will come back. No matter how much you fight, how much you cry or scream, he will only come back if he loves you. There's nothing you can do about it. So sit back, and wait for time to make him miss you, or time to make you see you're worth more.
-Still broken me
Dear Young Me,
 Being a father doesn't have to mean biologically. Give your step-dad a chance, and when you do you won't regret it. He's more of a man than your sperm donor ever could think to be.
Dear Younger Me,
 I wish you hadn't changed.
-Older Me.
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