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Dear Young Me,
 Coming out to your parents while living with them isn't the best choice to make. Don't do it. I know keeping it in kills you, but life will be so much easier if you come out to your parents after you've moved out and settled down on your own. It gets so much better once youre on your own, I promise.
-Never Been Happier
Dear Kid,
 Take your meds. Don't drink liquor. Stop being an idiot with a bunch of idiots, and let yourself love your girlfriend the way you know you do.
- A Wiser, Healthier, Lonlier Man
Dear Young Me,
 you CAN do it. i promise.
-Did It
Dear Young Me,
 You end up in college in the state you love, and you find a boy who treats you well. Don't feel like you have to hook up with every one who looks twice at you. But when Mike comes along? Yeah, hook up with him.
-Happy as can be!
Dear young me,
 Action through non-action. Don't try to be a vision of who you think you are. Just be. take yourself out of the equation and realize that there never was or is anything to worry about. There is nothing, and through that, there is everything. It's okay. You will be okay. You always have been.
-Love, (somewhat) enlightened you.
Dear Young Me,
 Spend every minute with her that you can, cancel plans, and just sit and talk to her. Take pictures of her and record her speaking to you. She won't always be around and you will regret me.
-Motherless You
Dear Young Me,
 You chose the right one. He loves and you love him. It doesn't matter what your family does to you. You'll have him. So put down the match and remember you can be loved. You're beautiful.
-2 1/2 years later smiling everyday
Dear A Few Years Younger Me,
 Find a way to charge your phone on that camping trip to Kentucky. Getting home two days after the funeral with no idea anything had even happened will not be a good moment in your life.
-Signed, Older, Still Hurting, Me
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