Dear Young Me,
 They don't like you or want a relationship. They just want sex. Don't believe them.
-Signed, Older me.
Dear Young Me,
 You mistakes in your adolescence are just going to get bigger. Stop making the same mistakes. You have no idea how its going to affect you later.
Dear Young Me,
 I know he is your favorite teacher, but stop emulating him. Someday you're going to wake up in the real world and realize that you have lost track of where HE ends and YOU begin.
-confused high school graduate
Stupid little girl,
 You're perfect the way you are, and eventually you'll be happy. Don't let others bring you down. YOU ARE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE.
-A better version of yourself.
Dear Young Me,
 That new friend of yours, he's the one. Don't worry so much about the idiots you both date. Those experiences will make you appreciate each other so much more.
-I'm going to marry my best friend
Dear Me that still has her,
 tell her to go to the doctor. she's hurting and won't let anyone know. you'll miss her every day once she's gone.
-me without her
 Thank you for not taking your life in high school like you wanted to because of mean girls. You knew you were stronger and worth the fight. Life gets better.
Dear Young Me,
 Eat less & exercise more.
-You, 20lbs later
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