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Dear Young Me,
 He's going to say he loves you until the day you die. You will always love him no matter what he says or puts you through. Never give up.
-Love, I still love him.
Dear Young Me,
 Make your decisions for you, and only you. In the end, you need to do what is best for yourself, and that is the only way you'll be truly happy.
-The people pleaser.
Dear Young Me,
 Throw a few fits. Don't let crappy people push you out. I'm not saying lose sight of who you are, but don't let jerks push you into that box you know you need to break out of.
-Older You
Dear 18-year-old-me,
 Those many years of being single, and feeling like you aren't doing anything with your life, are going to be completely washed away. When you meet him, he'll tell you the plan, and you will jump at the opportunity. And it will be totally worth it. You won't believe where we end up.
Dear Young Me,
 Waiting till marriage was a complete waste since he cheated on you in the first year.... Once you have sex with someone else, you will realize that it really doesn't always suck!
-Older Me.
Dear younger me,
 You have to learn to accept yourself before you're accepted by others
-Your future self
Dear Young Me,
 Everything happens for a reason. All the choices you make, good or bad, will make you who you are. Oh, by the way, your broken heart will heal. I promise.
-Your (happy) future self
Dear Young Me,
 Yes, he's using you for sex.
-Older me.
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