Dear Young Me,
 People really are who they are. They can change if they want to, but you can't change them. Don't try. You'll break your own heart.
-Older, Unhappily Married, Me
Dear Young Me,
 Get over yourself first.
-Trust me.
Hey G-Lo,
 Just keep doin' what you're doin'.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't spend nights crying your eyes out until you can't breathe in the shower. He loves you but is not mature enough to make it happen. LISTEN to him, ACCEPT the fact that he does not want to be together as you two fight outside of his house. You'll be okay,you will miss him, but you'll be okay.
-Another boy will love you.
Dear Young Me,
 You did not deserve that, and she did not deserve you. and that is ok.
-It does get better. With time.
Dear Young Me,
 Follow your dreams, even if they sound crazy to some one else. She loved you, even if after you break up she doesn't. Don't let anyone make you think different! Don't let anyone make you feel different! You're great just like you are.
-Still-trying-to-believe-it me
Dear Young Me,
 " relax, take it easy". There'll be time for everything. Go slowly.
-that one who konws your fears
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