Dear Young Me,
 Don't expect your husband to do anything that doesn't involve a video game. He just doesn't care that much.
-Married yet Single
Dear Young Me,
 Eat and don't purge your food. Quit counting calories. Stop working out obsessively. It's a cycle that never ends.
- Still 99 lbs
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let him deceive you. There are other guys who will love you and treat you as you deserve. Don't allow him to slowly break down your self esteem until you're reduced to someone who is too dependent on him, leaving you too blind to see how emotionally abusive he is. You're SO strong, I promise.
-The you who's stronger than ever.
Dear Young Me,
 Just because you're a teenage male and everyone says you should do it, doesn't mean you should do it. You won't listen to your parents, but maybe you'll listen to me. Wait until it's right, and your heart will never be broken.
-Older you
Dear Young Me,
 I know you're scared of everything between here and the moon. I wouldn't worry; none of it will change who you are or how much people who matter to you love you.
-A less terrified you
Dear Young Me,
 If they aren't good friends, stop trying to make them better friends. They're not good to you, so you don't owe them anything. Find new people to love you.
-Old, Wise Me
Young Me,
 Take the red pill.
-Could've been the one.
Dear Young Me,
 It's okay. You WILL eventually get a boyfriend. And yes, you are very pretty. Have confidence and love your life. It DOES get better
-High School Freshman You
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