Dear Young Me,
 Once maybe 18 years ago I thought that if I went to sleep and didn't wake up that wouldn't be a bad thing. I knew in my heart of hearts that things couldn't be so bad and it just wasn't right that life had turned out so hard due to nothing more than bad luck. I now live the richest fullest life.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 You can't save him, he has to save himself. Don't try anymore, you will lose yourself in the dark. There is someone better, I promise.
-I'm free
Dear Teenaged Me,
 Thank you for the decisions you're making. They will pay off.
-Love, Life is Great
Dear Young Me,
 Stop smoking weed, you'll never get those years back
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 If someone wants to be a part of your life, they'll make an effortto be in it. So don't go reserving places in your heart for people who aren't going to stay. Don't pass up any opportunities. p.s.- you find him. and he's the best thing yet.
-The wiser me.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop thinking you will never be good enough. Don't jump into bed with every man that gives you the time of day. When you are 23 a man will walk into your life who will make you feel like the most beautiful, sexy person alive. He will never ask you to change. This is the man you will marry.
-Found him
Dear 19 year old me,
 If you have doubts, leave him. He will find out what you did, and it will hurt. Worse yet, you will never forgive yourself, and your very actions will make you doubt that love exists at all.
-21 year old you
Dear Young Me,
 You are worth so much more than he will make you feel. Get out of the abuse and don't go sleeping around trying to fill the hole in your heart. You will regret it later and it is hard to fix a broken reputation.
-Sincerely a trying to fix it me
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