Dear Young Me,
 That little cat you rescue will get you through so much. He will save your life. Pet him and give him treats every day.
Dear Young Me,
 You'll lose the baby because you wait for him to call for help. Don't wait.
Dear Young Me,
 Get out of that town. You'll miss your friends, family, and boyfriend, but you'll meet yourself.
-A Better Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let Nikita go to the basketball court. She doesn't deserve that end and you'll never forget her face when she dies in your arms. The blood washes off but sadness doesn't.
-Older me.
Dear Young Me,
 Go to school out of the state. Forget him. Doesn't matter where you go...just go!
-They say to not live with regrets
Dear Young Me,
 When they make fun of your weight, just turn up your music; because one day, you will lose the weight and get back at them.
-Signed, A hotter and fit you.
Dear Young Me,
 Dont be afraid to love because of one loser who broke your heart. You'll find someone else who's better than he will ever be.
-Older "madly in love" me
Dear Pre-College Me,
 When you find her, and you'll know who I'm talking about, don't cheat. It may not have had consequences in the past, but promise me it will break you in pieces. You'll love her and if you just stay faithful, June 18th won't just be another day.
-Heartbroken and Alone Me
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