Dear Young Me,
 Cut your hair, it will make our passport photo look less atrocious.
-A shorter-haired and happier you.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be so hard on yourself. Love yourself, love life, and keep going strong. Even though things seem hopeless right now, it's not a reason to ever give in. You'll see.
-I wish I knew this before
Dear Young Me,
 Princeton isn't going to happen, so chill the fuck out.
-Enlightened Swatty
Dear Young Me,
 Your Daddy had to die for you to become the wonderful woman you are. He teaches you how to live.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 do not try going 100 mph down that street. it will ruin more than you think.
-regretful me
Dear Younger me,
 stop obsessing over your body. it's when you stop thinking about it and start focusing on other things you'll reach your goal body image.
-Satisfied you
Dear Little girl, ,
 Hold on tight because you've got a roller coaster ahead of you. Stay strong, it's worth every miserable day. FYI, you're bipolar-- not crazy.
-Signed, Almost Sane
Dear Young Me,
 He already knows. Stop stressing and just bring it out into the open
-Older Me
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