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Dear Young Me,
 You should've known you're time had an expiration, make it count. Live high school, cause you won't see college.
-A sicker, older you
Dear Young Me,
 As cliche as it sounds, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After this extremely rough time in your life, you will be okay. Going through that made you a stronger person. One day you will be proud of yourself.
-A Stronger Me
Dear Young Me,
 Be thankful for that broken heart.
-It means you loved someone.
Dear Young Me,
 When your so-called "friends" leave you out of things like parties and concerts, find new friends. You are too awesome to be left at home!
-Out & About
Dear Young Me,
 You know all those "annoying" trips to other places your parents take you? Your going to wish you'd taken more!
-Wanting to Clock out Older You
Dear Young Me,
 Don't fuck your parents over, remember, blood runs thicker than water. Always.
-Love, you in two years.
Dear Young Me,
 You're doing everything right. Just stay true to yourself and things will work out the way they are supposed to.
-Older, Wiser Me
Dear Young Me, ,
 Don't be another brainwashed, mindless "Christian." Embrace that you were never called to judge anyone, but to deeply love them instead. One day soon you'll understand how you've been unintentionally making people feel - unworthy & alone. Choose to love and you will be loved in return.
-You without a stick up your ass :)
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