Dear Young Me,
 Thanks for screwing me over with your inappropriate posts on facebook. Some people have to work for a living.
-Older, poorer you
Dear Young Me,
 You get caught watching porn by mom on december 13th 1996. Otherwise keep up the hard work ;)
-Older arm wrestling champion Me
Dear Young Idealistic Me,
 Invent the computer. It a very useful tool and there is no limit to the amount of drivel for which people will wish to use it.
-Old Cynical Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste your time on her. If she cheated with you, she will cheat on you.
- Older, wiser, sadder Me
Dear Young Me,
 When your friends and family tell you that one day u will meet the ONE,your soulmate and there is someone on this earth only for u - dont believe it . It may not happen to you - but you know what u CAN and WILL still be happy
- older and still single at 40 me
Dear Young Me,
 The bad boy will never be worth it. He WILL hurt you & you WILL spend your entire life worrying about him...even when you're broken up.
-Sincerely, walk, no, RUN away fast
Dear Young Me,
 After he cheats, break up with him and stick to your decision no matter how much it hurts. Don't give him a reason to ever turn it around on you.
-Experienced Me
Dear Young Me,
 She may be your best friend and get all the boys now. But you will get the best one out there soon enough.
-Happy and in love
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