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Dear Young Me,
 He doesn't love you. You don't love him. The 2 years you'll give him? Not worth it.
-Love, Older You
Dear three year old me,
  Tell him no over and over and over no matter how many times he says "are you sure" no no no.
-older depressed you
Dear Young Me,
 Just go for it. I know it seems like a long shot, but if you don't just take this chance you'll always wonder. Just know that no matter what happens you are beautiful and things will work out okay. I promise.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 He's gay. Don't despair, he will become your best friend and a year later, you will meet the one that was meant for you all along and be happier than you've ever dreamed to be.
-I met my soulmate
Dear Young Me,
 dont let any of those boys convince you sex will make you more popular, it only makes your heart hurt more.
-The town whore.
Dear Young Me,
 Quit acting so heartbroken about all those girls that leave you. You know they aren't going to ruin your life, you're just wasting time being depressed that you could have spent doing something productive. You're gonna realize you're gay soon anyways.
-Signed, You'll be fine.
Dear Young Me,
 You still won't have boobs when you're 17.
Dear Young Me,
 Maybe choosing to pursue something just because you liked it, wasn't the best idea. Think about your actual future and the life you really want to live... stop living in a dream world.
-Older You - Without a Career
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