Dear Young Me,
 Remember someone is always worse of than you. And someone is always better off. The scars will always be there so don't do it.
-Your older self
Dear Young Me,
 Have fun while you can. Just don't get caught.
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 They diagnose her as an autistic schizophrenic in Middle School. So yes, sissy's a psychopath, but no, it's not your fault. Head up, and don't let her demons get to you.
-Love, I did everything I could
Dear Young Me,
 Talk to your brother now and tell him you love him. Stop waiting until you're older to do so.
-Love, a girl with one less brother
Dear Young Me,
 talk to her. tell her how it felt to be given up. tell her you love her. how grateful you are. say the things you're afraid to say, because you think it might hurt her. it won't. you both need this.
-left behind after suicide
Dear Young Me,
 You've waited for him for 5 years, he led you on and broke your heart. When he finally gave you a chance - it lasted a day. You'll never be good enough for him, but you're the best thing he'll ever have.
-If he wanted you, you'd be his.
Dear Young Me,
 Falling in love with him was so easy, but losing him will be hard.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 He'll come around and leave and come around again, but you shouldn't.
- Left too late
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