Dear Young Man,
 You're gonna live with your boyfriend and you two will be very happy together for the rest of your lives, regardless of anyone else's opinion.
-Gay and Proud
Dear Young Me,
 Don't fight for "THE guy" blindly. think about the things other people tell you because they are more than likely to be right. Btw, turns out he was a worthless loser anyways ;)
-Smarter Me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop worrying about pleasing everyone. In time you'll realize it's your happiness that comes first.
-Someone who is now happy
Dear Young Me,
 He loves you. He just doesnt know it yet.
-Older Me.
People everywheres,
 They say you dont know what you`ve got till its gone.. its true... watching them go is even worse...
Dear Young Me,
 When she asks what you're thinking, tell her. It wont scare her off because you were right, she's not going to call you on Thursday anyway. You'll never speak to her again. Unfortunately, you'll still be in love with her seven years later. Sorry.
-You were right
Dear Young Me,
 You still love him.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 The man you fall truly in love with is out there right now. Stop worrying about it, you will find him with time. And when you do, you'll know it :).
-Happy and loved older me
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