Dear Young Me,
 He'll see what's right in front of his face one day :]
-love older-and-no-longer-single-me
Dear Young Me,
 Do it and regret nothing.
-Love, Older you.
Dear Young Me,
 Leave. Go. Get out of this situation as fast as you can, because it is only going to lead to heartbreak. If you never get to know him, you can't miss him. If you never give him your trust, he can't break it.
Dear Young Me,
 It really doesn't matter how unhappy you are in that relationship because, once it ends, you'll realize that it lead you to the most unbelievable an exciting joys in the life.
Dear Young Me,
 If you try and save every girl you meet, you'll never be attracted to a sane girl.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't agree to try it; you're just trying to impress him. There will come a day you will not miss him anymore, but you will always miss the drugs.
-The you who tried methamphetamine.
Dear Young Me,
 You made the right choice by moving out and being independent. You're family is proud of you. P.S. Congratulations on next weeks graduation.
-Still young me, growing up.
Dear Young Me,
 Just becasue you didn't grow up in a mansion or have shinny things, don't be so hard on your mom. She loves you more than anything and has given up so much for you. Forget about the past and live in the present.
-forgive her before it's too late
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