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Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about hurting one of their feelings. Follow your heart. Be honest with them and yourself--or else all three of you will end up heartbroken, and you'll go from having both of them to no one.
-Your Older, Wiser Self.
Dear Little Girl in the Corner,
 It gets better. Trust me, I've been there. You will find your place, I promise.
-Wishes She Could Hug You
Dear Young Me,
 when you were 16 your mum told you that you were fat, now youre 88 pounds and the only curves you have are those of your hipbones protruding from the sides of your body. you were beautiful.
-dying to be skinny
Dear Young Me,
 Live each day to the fullest. Don't live with regrets.
-No regrets
Dear Young Me,
 It's your morals and your personality they don't understand.
-Signed, don't give up.
Dear Young Me,
 Take that vacation to Europe. It is SO worth it.
-O la la
Dear Young Me,
 Never stop wishing at 11:11, someday the one thing you have wished for every day will come true. Don't give up.
-a happier you
Dear Young Me,
 Let the guitarist go, and watch how your music will evolve.
-A Musically Enlightened Me
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