Hey young Girl,
 you hate your body? I would kill to have a body like your´s.
-Your older and fater you
Dear Young Me,
 You once said you don't have a best friend but somebody told you that you had to be your own best friend. They're right. Stop hating yourself.
-~ Older me
Dear depressed Me,
 Someday it will be easier to stop believing all the lies they tell you about yourself. You'll be glad you didn't end it.
-Finally Happy Me
Dear Young Me,
 Grieve. No matter what anyone says, let it out. But don't forget that one day you'll be happy again.
-An Independent Me
Dear Young Me,
 Have a little more respect for yourself, you are a gorgeous gifted and bright young lady. Put down the pipe, and grow some confidence. You are truly stunning. Oh and never start talking to Edgar, he's bad news.
-Older Madelyn
Dear Naive me,
 Stop wishing, wanting, dreaming, hoping. Start telling, having, taking, making. Only you can make it happen, because only you know that you want it and how you want it.
-~Wish I knew sooner.
Dear slightly younger me, ,
 Take a step back and look at him, he isn't worth your love.
-Love, slightly older me
Dear Young Me,
 Dont ever let her go, shes the most amazing girl you will ever meet in your entire lifetime
-A very lucky guy
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