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Dear Young Me,
 By getting involved with her she will meet your best friend. Soon enough she will cheat on you with him, and you'll end up losing both of them to each other.
-Heartbroken Me 2 months later
Dear Young Me,
 If they make you feel that bad about yourself, they are not your friends.
-it gets better in high school
Dear Young Me,
 You are not as old as you think you are, but he is. Save yourself a little longer because you cannot get it back.
-Signed, Older (and Single) Me
Dear Young Me,
 Missing one birth control pill can get you pregnant.
-Older Me.
Dear younger me,
 You were right to save your first kiss. It was a lot more special because it was with him.
-From, older me
Dear Young Me,
 That guy you realized you loved? You're going to go for it, and the timing will be perfect. He will be there for you, make you think, and help make your life more meaningful than ever before. He loves you too, and he'll remind you everyday. He's a good one. Oh, and you're going to marry him.
-Thankful, older you.
Dear Young Me,
 Friends with Benefits is not fun. The sex is never as good as it seems on movies. Wait for love.
-Older Me
Dear Foolish me ,
 When you meet Tyler look the other way....
-Love I got a little smarter
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