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Dear Young Me,
 He's serious. Stop wondering if it'll work. Just say yes. ;]
-Love, Insanely Happy In Love Me
Dear Young Me,
 Never stop karate chopping.
-Has never stopped karate chopping.
Dear Young Me,
 He was lying to impress you. Go with your gut feeling. Don't let him tell you otherwise. He'll end up crushing your heart if you do.
-Still Making Mistakes
Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste time living up to others' expectations for you. Achieve what YOU want to.
-Your recently discovered self.
Dear Young Me,
 I would give you experienced advice and say "don't do this, don't do that". But, truth is, I fear that if you do anything different, you will change your future. Your future is great just the way it is. You will live. You will love. You will be loved. Just stick life through. You'll see.
-A much happier, wiser You.
Dear Younger Me,
 You spent too much time believing you'd wasted your time on him. You found your strengths and, yes, weaknesses through that five year relationship.
-Moved on me
Dear Young Me,
 It's your body. Not his. He'll never love you, even if you give it to him.
-Ashamed Older Self
Dear Young Me,
 It's okay to cry, no matter what mom says. Please let it out, so you can put yourself back together.
-i'm okay, and i'm not lying
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