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Dear very slightly younger me,
 Please start loving yourself. You are worth immeasurable amounts more than you think. You don't need attention and words of affirmation to feel like you have value. Don't be stupid.
-Love, slightly older you
Dear Young Me,
 You should of told him you loved him.
-Love, Invited To His Wedding.
Dear young me,
 It's okay to cry sometimes. You'll feel better. You don't have to be strong for everyone, and weak when you're all by yourself.
-Love, manic-depressed You.
Dear Young Me,
 Love without regret and fear, and when people reach out to help you, take their hands. You can only reach out to so many people before you fall yourself.
-Older and wiser Me
Dear Young Me,
 You are as special as you think you are - but don't let it get to your head. Try new things, breathe, let go, hug mum, support others, and don't stop believing. It's beautiful over here.
-older me
dear young, stupid me, ,
 stay off roofs. because falling through a skylight and breaking your back will undoubtedly fuck up the rest of your life.
-sincerely, your older you.
Dear Young Me,
 You are 15 years old, you arent going to marry him. Wait for someone to come along and show you what love really is! Enjoy being young while it lasts.
- Bad Boy Mistakes
Dear Young Me,
 Your first year in college is going to horrible. You will lose your scholarship, join a sorority you hate, break up with your 4 year boyfriend to realize you love him, and your best friend will move across the country. BUT....your second year is GREAT!!!! (ps, you and 4yr man, make it to 5+)
-A more optimistic and loving you
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