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Dear Young Me,
 sleeping around just isn't worth it. no one cares that you haven't slept with anyone.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop coasting through, just because you're good at it. Challenge yourself! And get rid of him before the fourth time he cheats? It helps your psyche alot. Also, you still have friends after. It's totally cool.
-Cynical artist bum.
Dear Young Me,
 Stop procrastinating and strive for your goals and aspirations, you want to change the world for the better, but first you gotta change yourself,now get your lazy ass of the computer, stop typing this message and go out there and give it all you got.
-future you with a degree
Dear young me, ,
 Stop thinking so negative! Everything will be okay just be happy and enjoy life. Love your family and stop being so damn grumpy all the time! Don't just sit there and complain about things, take action! But most importantly learn how to love yourself and be who you truly are don't change for others.
-future older you
Dear Young Me,
 We're 19 years old now, and have more experience under our belt than most 30 year olds. Learn to let people in and be a little vulnerable. Being hurt but surrounded by loved ones is better than being alone and feeling nothing. Take it from an older and wiser self.
-A better person for it.
Dear Young Me,
 The fact that you can't remember what you fell out over 3 years ago, shows just how little and unimportant is was. Build the bridge.
-Older You
Dear freshman me,
 Don't second guess yourself, and put down the junk food. You need better ways to relive stress. I know school's hard but you'll make it though it. Just eat healthy, and remember to smile.
-Sincerely senior you
Dear Young Me,
 Open your eyes! Sure the relationship wasn't perfect (and neither was he), but he fought like hell to keep it going, and all you do was run away because of your stupid fear. If you had opened up more and not constantly pushed him away, he might still be here.
-Wishing I could go back
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