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Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste your time counting calories, going to the gym, and weighing yourself. If people don't love you for who you are, then screw them. Life is better spent with those who care about inner beauty.
-Your future self
Dear Young Me,
 Go to the party and meet him. Fall in love with him and get your heart broken by him. It's ok, the daughter he gives you makes it worth it.
-Happy Mommy
Dear younger, innocent me,
 Don't sleep with every guy that tells you you're pretty.
-Sincerely, older sluttier you.
Dear Younger Me, ,
 Hold onto your friends who know you best so when you lose touch with yourself, your friends are there to help you find your way home
-Half-way healed, heartbroken self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be afraid to grow up.You wont be unhappy or loose your child like fun but refusing to grow out of fear will leave you broke and miserable.
-no longer afraid
Dear Young Me,
 In retrospect, you are shockingly rad. Keep on keepin' on
-Damn I was badass
Dear Young Me,
 Trust no one, question everything, don't tell all your secrets, and don't fall in love with someone who reminds you of your worst memories of your past.
-wendy lost in OZ
Dear Young Me,
 Community college is not the end of the world; you're going to get into UCLA if you keep working hard.
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