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Dear Young Me,
 The accident was tragic and you will be so sad you lost her, but eventually the hurt will only be an ache. And someday, you will get her name tattooed on your wrist and then you'll get to share her story with everyone who asks about it. She would be so proud of who you've grown up to be.
-Still missing her.
Dear Young Me,
 dont try to pull off that U-turn, it will forever change your life.
- older me
Dear Young Me,
 On September 11, 2001, tell Daddy not to go into work. If not, he won't be coming home. :/
-Fatherless for 10 years.
Dear high school me,
 DON'T go to college right away! you have no clue what you want to do just wait until you are sure
-$100k in debt and no degree me
Dear Young Me,
 Invent the snuggie.. It's a robe, worn backwards, made out of fleece. It'll be a hit one day.
-Millionaire self
Dear Young Me,
 You should have never stuffed yourself full of food that one day in April. For it started the biggest challenge to overcome in your life. An eating disorder called bulimia. Six years later you'll meet the love of your life who will be there to support you and help you overcome it.
-it hurts your wallet too.
Dear Young Me,
 Remember you are beautiful and worthy and you don't have to act "bad" to receive the attention you deserve.
-Older Me
Dear Younger Version of Me,
 Your Dad will beat you, your Mom wont stop him. The kids at school will hate you for no reason, and you'll wish you were never born and you'll fall for all the wrong guys. But don't give up, because you'll find yourself through all of this pain and it will be the best thing to ever happen to you.
-Love, your future self.
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