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Dear Young Me,
 She seems like someone you can trust, but she will attack all of your insecurities and then you will spend too much time worrying that she is going to 'out' you. Don't trust her. Don't go over to her house. Don't get in her bed.
-still sexually confused and scared
Dear Young Me,
 Do not give up on your music, you will regret it forever.
-Trying to sit at the piano again
Dear young me,
 Dont make fun of that boy who had a crush on you in grade seven, you guys are gonna fall in love.
-just you wait
Dear Young Me,
 Don't settle for cheap toilet paper and get your license as soon as you can.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Even though it hurts now...what it brings you to is MORE than worth it. Have faith, you will be happier than you can imagine.
-Signed, Happy With Who I've Become
dear young me,
 take the abuse and pain now, it will go away and mom still drinks..
-signed, once you are 18 LEAVE
Dear Young Me,
 Remember you are beautiful. You're mother is wrong. You are not fat, ugly, stupid and worthless. You are amazing, caring and intelligent. There will be a lot of men in your life and a lot of let downs but YOU WILL OVER COME THEM! You are stronger than you realize! Love yourself and be carefree
-A more confident you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't change anything because every decision you made helped create the beautiful world I now live in.
-Future Darvin
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