Dear Young Me,
 You may think you love him, but "the one" is out there. and he wont make you cry. I promise.
-Love, Grown up you
Dear 12-Year Old Me,
 You are a skinny white girl. No matter how sweet you think it might look, cornrows were not meant for you.
-Caucasian Redhead You
Dear Young Me,
 Singing "That Darn Cat" is only amusing the first 47 times. After that no one can or will protect you from the duct tape your brother finds.
-Smartened Up
Dear Young Me,
 Its okay to cry, its okay to be hurt. But dont cry for the same reason twice, dont let the same people hurt you again. Be strong, and dont let anyone bring you down. Its going to be okay. and if its not okay, its not the end.
-The future you
Dear Young Me,
 You should have waited.
-We Weren't Ready
Dear Young Me,
 Stop being shy, and don't be afraid of your passion, because mom and dad say no. Just do it, but keep the back up plan, and don't go to AU. Go anywhere else. p.s on 11/15/05 don't go to practice.
-That date kinda ruined my life.
Dear Young Me,
 In high school, you may feel not confident, unpopular, not pretty or skinny. Girls will hate you and make fun of you. You will cry yourself to sleep. You will feel like you have no friends. But, once you get to college, you will find yourself and be better than ever...
-Future President of a Sorority
Dear young Me,
 just tell her you admire her, tell her you can't sleep, nor eat, nor stop thinking about her any more look her in the eyes tell her... If you don't you WILL break your own heart.
-still stupid slightly older Me
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