Dear Young Me,
 Rape is illegal.
-Imprisoned Me.
Dear Freshman Me, ,
 High School is a joke. Go outside and have fun. Don't get so stressed out. Make friends. Get in trouble. Things will be okay.
-Me, Graduated.
Dear Young Me,
 He really was the one, eventually... it stops hurting...
-Signed, still in love
Dear Pre-College-Me,
 Confidence is key. In other words, just be yourself with pride, people will still love you (and love you more for it.) Not everyone, but who cares about those jerks. Don't second-guess yourself just because of them.
-Older Me
Dear 13-Year Old Me,
 The stranger they just introduced at your sister's 6th grade orientation will change your life more profoundly than anyone you've ever known.
-Don't be Afraid
Dear Young Me,
 I'm still too lost and unexperienced to be giving you advise just yet,
-a more realistic me
Dear Little Girl,
 Everything in life happens for a reason. No matter how bad things get, pick yourself up and remember that. Because where you are now is where you need to be.
-Love, Big Girl
Dear Young Me,
 It's going to hurt. But don't panic, you are going to be fine.
-A more wiser you
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