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Dear Young Me,
 Stick with piano. It will make your life 1,000x easier. You'll thank me later.
-He Who Cares the Most
Dear Young Me,
 Life is actually pretty easy once you leave high school; mostly this is due to the fact that things actually matter. You'll do fine.
-Future You
Dear Young Me,
 Go out with him! You will regret it later... I promise. Plus you will never get to know what it was like unless you do it!
-Younger you that still loves him!
Dear Young Me,
 Your life is going to turn upside down and back again-be strong. Don't be afraid, just handle it as best as you can. And when that first guy asks you out, don't say yes-because he will later hurt you beyond anything you could ever imagine. Be yourself, and let your soul shine through.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop questioning whether he loves you... Love anyways because you just never know.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Your appearance doesn't matter as much as you think it does. Everyone has imperfections, you just have to learn to embrace them.
-An Older, More Confident Me
Dear young one, ,
 Let people in, stop putting up a wall from others to avoid being hurt. It's worth it.
-You're secret confidante.
Dear Young Me,
 You should've treated him right, he should'be treated better.
-bittersweet me
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