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Dear Young Me,
 If it feels like a first date, then it probably is. Live without regrets and just kiss him.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 All of the world is just like high school. So take the time to really learn how to live it with the right people when you have the chance.
-Older Me
Dear Young Naive Me,
 You'll still love him. You'll do anything to make him like you again. Who cares what he thinks about you anymore. Let it go. His loss.
-I miss him.
Dear Young Me,
 When she asks you to stay with her that night in the hospital, do it. She dies and you will regret it forever.
-Older Me.
Dear younger me,
 When you think your heart is breaking because he doesn't want you the way you want him, it's not. If you learn sooner that he is not worth being in your life you will save us alot of heart ache. BTW a great man will come into your life, he's just waiting until your over the heartbreaker...promise!
-The finally moved on and happy me
Dear anyone,
 Don't ever hide your negative qualities from a guy. If he loves you, he will stay and he will love you no matter what you think is wrong with you. If he runs, then he was one of those guys who only wanted to use you for his own pleasure. If he stays, he lives you.
-Using this advice right now
Dear Young Me, ,
  dont fall too fast, it WILL leave bruises.... but one day you will find that hero to come and catch u from the fall.
-love, Experienced Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry.
-Older me
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