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Dear Young Me,
 I know you're only 15 and he's 18, but he really does love you. And i know you feel like a whore for having sex with him, but don't. He will be the only man you sleep with for the rest of your life. So tell your judgemental friends to shove that up their asses.
-Sleeping with an older man
Dear Young Me,
 Don't agree to try it; you're just trying to impress him. There will come a day you will not miss him anymore, but you will always miss the drugs.
-The you who tried methamphetamine.
Dear Young Me,
 Fuck what everyone else thinks. If she made you happy, you didn't waste your time.
-She was the one
Dear Young Me,
 All men between the ages of 15-28 are douche-bags. Have your fun, but remember that. Save your true heart for when you are older.
-Men only want sex.
Dear Young Me,
 There's nothing you can do, this is just a warning for the hell your life is going to be. He's not coming back from the Marines. You're 15 he's 18.You two are in love, but be weary of the risks of letting your heart fly so strong into the front line. Never let a day go by without loving him.
-Heart Forever Broken
Dear Virgin Me, ,
 Losing your v-card to the frat boy of your dreams isn't ideal...but he will buy you Plan B the next day.
-Sorority Girl You
Dear Young Me,
 you're going to get pregnant right before your eighteenth birthday, it will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. it's a girl.
-slightly older me
Dear Young Me,
 Time does not heal all wounds, my cuts are still gapping open.
-Older scarred me
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