Dear Loser, ,
 Stop being such an awkward loser and tell her you like her as if you mean it. Otherwise graduation will come before you know it and you'll regret all the missed opportunities.
-Signed, Still Awkward
Dear Young Me,
 I know you've wished we didnt live time after time but hang on there is a beautiful life waiting for you
-Much happier me
Dear Young Me,
 Go ahead an ask the cute guy on the internet out. I know it seems weird because he's a decade older, but you'll end up getting married and having a beautiful son together. He'll even work for your father's business!!
-Love, Married and Happy Me
Dear Young Me,
 Dont worry about how your dad called you stupid and said that you would graduate on time you did and your beautiful!
-Slightly smarter
Dear Young Me,
 Don't do anything differently. All the heartbreak and regrets may suck, but it'll make you the strong person you are today. Without it who knows who you would be.
-the stronger and older you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry that guy you thought you were going to marry ends up being an asshole, and you meet the man of your dreams two years later, and he want to marry you more than anything. p.s he makes you have butterflies
-Smiling new me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't fall in love with every single guy you meet, just because you think he might he might be the one. The minute you stop looking, the love of your life will find you. Or not. It's all just dumb luck.
-Older Me.
Dear Old Me,
 Don't lose hope. Don't become pessimistic. Remember that everyone makes mistakes...more than once. Be honest and live transparently
-Overly naive
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