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Dear Young Me,
 Wait for the perfect woman. She's out there. Don't settle. Don't.
-Found her.
Dear Young Me,
 Thank you for not giving up on loving him, he is the best thing that will ever happen to you (us, me). p.s.- We are getting married soon, just to brighten your outlook.
-Older Me.
Dear 18-year-old-me,
 You know that dorky boy you work with at Haagen Dazs? You are going to end up marrying him. And being happier than you could ever imagine.
Dear Young Me,
 Eventually, you'll find that someone that likes you, all of you. Stop worrying about those that like you for just a single aspect of who you are.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't sweat that girl in high school. The girl you'll meet first semester of college is so much better for you... even if it takes her a year or so to come around.
-Sincerely, Happily proven wrong.
Dear Middle School me,
 The whole Disney obsession is not just a phase.
- Still watching Dumbo in College
Dear 18-year-old me,
 Ignore the stupid ROTC boy. Stay away from the dick you met in Nebraska. Just wait for the cute, blue-eyed farm boy. He'll treat you like a princess.
-Love, an older, but wiser, self.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste your time wondering why your 'friends' don't notice how depressed you are. A year from now you're going meet a girl with a massive smile. She'll decide to make you her best friend, and next time you want to hide from the world she'll drag you back out by your hair if she has to.
-A More Alive Older You
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