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Dear Young Me,
 Yes, the man who was going to marry you cheated on you with your best friend. And YES, he raped you. The sooner you accept that, the faster you'll go on to have a happy, normal life. And you WILL be normal AND happy!
- Older Self
Dear Young Me,
 You have secret. Keep that secret from everyone, even your closest friends. It's only going to hurt you if you tell anyone. You truly are alone. But don't worry, it's better that way.
-No Longer Naive
Dear Young Me,
 Don't expect your husband to do anything that doesn't involve a video game. He just doesn't care that much about you.
-Married yet Single
Dear Young Me,
 When she asks what you're thinking, tell her. It wont scare her off because you were right, she's not going to call you on Thursday anyway. You'll never speak to her again. Unfortunately, you'll still be in love with her seven years later. Sorry.
-You were right
Dear Young Me,
 No, razor blades are NOT your friend. They never have been and never will be.
Dear Young Me,
 That time you spent crying over him he spent getting over you, don't worry he isn't worth it. He will only forever disappoint and hurt you. Focus on spending time with dad instead, you don't know it yet but he's sick.
-The wiser you
Dear Young Me,
 Time does not heal all wounds, my cuts are still gapping open.
-Older scarred me
Dear Young Me,
 He will leave.
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