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Dear Young Me,
 Your friends suck. Get out of there as soon as you can.
-So messed up.
Dear Recovering Me,
 Just because it feels like the world is giving you all the reasons to relapse...DON'T. Getting to where you are now was more hell then you feel now.
-Keep strong
Dear Young Me,
 I know you like him, but don't send him that racy pic he asked for. He's not gonna delete it like he promised, and the whole team will have it by the end of the week.
-From, older and wiser you
Dear Young Me,
 I know you think it can't get any worse right now. But trust me, it's will. My God, it will.
-Older, Considering-Suicide Me
Dear Young Me,
 Let him come to you. You tried your best, now let him make the effort. You will find if it was meant to be.
-A less confused me
Dear Found,
 Detachment will be the hardest habit you'll have to break, but she'll try to help. Let her.
-Still lost
Dear Young Me,
 Don't believe a word he tells you. He may seem so perfect and wonderful, he really isn't. Get out of there as soon as possible, i promise it's for the better. For your sake and mine keep your distance from him. It's not worth is.
-Wiser Me
Dear Young Me,
 You're not fat. You see yourself differently than you really are. Listen to your nerdy best friend when he tells you you're beautiful; he's right and he'll make you happier than you ever thought possible, eating disorder, crazy life and all. Promise.
-Older, Beautiful, & In Love You
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