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Dear Young Me,
 Letting him go will be your only regret, so don't. And in April 13, go to his house and save his life. Because all he needs to know is you love him more than anyone could.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 don't do things you'll regret. think everything through because trust me, even now. you are still a beautiful virgin.
-still young
Dear Young Me,
 You're going to settle. In two years, the boy you always liked is going to tell you he's always liked you and wants to change everything. If you settle you'll be in far too deep to get out. He's a good guy but the brunettes the one for you. He swears to it. Please don't make the moves I made.
-He's nice but he's not right
Dear Young Me,
 Just enjoy life. None of your current drama will affect your future other than making you stronger.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Wait. Don't just lose it to get it over with. He's not the one and he's not worth it. He'll just use you. This isn't something you want to regret for the rest of your life.
-Someone who regrets it
Dear Young Me,
 Dont listen to your own thoughts. you are perfectly fine. your going to wish you had not wasted 6 years of your life starving yourself. really what good was it? it only damaged your health and ruined relationships. always remember, you are prettiest when your happy.
-Slowly Realizing I'm Beautiful
Dear Young Me,
 the days get so much brighter. you always thought it was your fault you were unhappy, but that's not true. that wasn't you.
-~happy again
Dear Young Me,
 When he says they're just friends, don't believe him.
-Should have followed my gut
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