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Dear Young Me,
 Missing her is never looked at as weak, and guilt will only make it worse. Keep your head up.
-Signed A Healing Heart
Dear Young Me,
 I know it's hard, but trust him. he ends up beings a really good husband and father.
-almost lost him
Dear Young Me,
 Don't be afraid to throw off the chains that constrict you to your isolated existence as a child. If you wait until adulthood like you told yourself you would, you won't have the courage to take your own advice and actually break free.
-An emotionally struggling older me
Dear Young Me,
 Writing to yourself when you're older doesn't change anything. It's a huge waste of time and it kind of makes you look like an idiot. But it makes you feel better, so keep doing it.
-Motherfuckin Future
Dear Young Me,
 Leave him. Don't let him take what he wants from you. You deserve better.
-Signed, Older Me
Dear 17-yr-old me,
 Suicide is not the answer, and it's a blessing that it never worked for you. You will learn so much in the next several years, and you will love life, friends and family more than you ever have before. Stay strong, you will make it.
-Signed, Katie
Dear Young Me,
 I know it seemed like you had everything figured out, with that man you thought loved you and a ring on your finger and a cute apartment, but it was all wrong for you. You will go on to finish college and find someone who isn't abusive or insecure. Keep your head up, life does get better.
-~slightly older, much happier you
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry, you were right. He is still the love of your life. Things are not perfect, not even a little bit, and not much has changed at all, except you got fat. Sorry about that. But you are still together, he's still the one.
-Five Years Older Me
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