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Dear Young Me,
 Learn how to tell when a guy is interested.
-It's so obvious now
Dear Young Me,
 Watch who you talk to and watch who you date. A shove only turns to more. Don't let your past get you down, though. You are you and you are great, family is forever. Dad needs you more than anything, be there for him even if you are terrified.
-You've-got-this older me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't get in that relationship! He will string you on for a year, and when he finally does leave her, he will cheat on you. You will get lied to, cheated on, and raped. But remember, everything happens for a reason. And its up to you to figure out that reason
-stronger, happier me
Dear young me,
 When you come back to the USA, a lot of your old friends are going to hate you, reject you, and leave you alone. Don't waste time on them: focus on the friends you are going to make and the relationships you are going to build with people that love YOU for who YOU are.
-Love, an older me
Dear Young Me,
 You've found her. Keep her, love her, laugh with her. Stop worrying about what could go wrong, believe in what can go right.
-In love me
Dear Young Me,
 Look how you've grown. You took the hell that is a part of your life and sculpted yourself with it. Look at you. You are fucking beautiful
-The Broken but Hopeful You
Dear Young Me,
 Throughout your life there will be beautiful people and opportunities around you. But you can't prioritize. The girl of your dreams leaves you 'cause your ambition to achieve takes away your time from everyone else. I know it's not the right thing to say but I'd choose love over attainment.
Dear young me,
 He doesn't love you anymore. Move on before wasting a year and a half being sad and depressed. You don't deserve this depression and all of this sadness. Anyway, he'll soon discover that he's gay, your chances will turn to dust. Move on, please.
-Not that older myself.
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