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Dear Young Me,
 Don't be afraid to be yourself, the right people will love you for being exactly that.
-Trust Me I Know
Dear Young Me,
 Respect yourself. Also don't leave a space in your heart for someone who hasn't earned their way into it.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 You worry too much. You'll start reading Kurt Vonnegut and realize that there isn't a need for it. You don't have control, so let it go.
-You Now
Dear Young Me,
 Pay attention in school, and pay attention to your friends, you're going to fall in love, she is going to leave, you will hurt for at least two years, but you'll be better for it. Its not the end of the world, its barely the beginning of your life
-wisened old youth
Dear Young Me,
 Things still aren't brilliant, but they're getting there. The two suicide attempts weren't worse it and they made you feel worse.
-Slightly Older and Happier Me
Dear Young Me,
 He is not the only fish in the ocean
-Succesfull Me
Dear Over-enthusiastic Me,
 Don't change. What the world calls maturity is actually bitterness. Keep your passions blazing like the heat of 1000 suns.
-A young man, old at heart
Dear Young Me,
 Would you be proud?
-Unsure of life
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