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Dear Young Me,
 Thanks for pussying out.
-On suicide watch
Dear Young Me,
 People are always gonna talk shit, you can't do anything about that. But what you can do is not let it get to you. You're better than that.
-Still Young Me.
Dear Young Me,
 See that boy across the gym? Don't fall for him or even talk to him. He Will ruin your heart.
-Older Me.
Dear young me,
 God was there while you were being raped. You will find this out through the journey of healing.
-Survival is Resistance
Dear Young Me,
 Wait for the right person to take your virginity. Meaningless sex is only 1/100 of the real thing.
-Lil' wiser, LOT older
Dear Young Me,
 Go to the doctor right away. The cutting will only get worse and harder to stop, even with the help of professionals.
-The one sick of the scars.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about not being as pretty as the popular girls. In 8th grade, you get your braces off, and get a ton of self-confidence, and you'll look at yourself in the mirror and say "I'm pretty," with a smile on your face. You wont have to cry that much longer. Hang in there.
-Older, pretty, happy me.
Dear Young Me,
 I hate to say it, but you're kind of an idiot.
-A little wiser, still idiotic
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