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Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste your time and energy on those dumb guys that don't treat you the way you deserve. You're going to regret wasting all of your precious time on idiots when your prince charming is so much closer to you than you think.
-Your future (loved) self
Dear Young Me,
 Don't change to fit in, the people who are worth it will accept you the way you are.
-just me.
Dear Young Me,
 Just let him go. You don't need him although you think you do. Let it be over. beginnings are no more beautiful than endings. in fact, an ending is magic in itself. it is an ending, with an enclosed beginning hidden. Open your eyes, the world is waiting for you.
-your 19 year old self
Dear Young Me,
 You waited for him, and now he's waiting for you... To walk down the aisle
-He married you
Dear Young Me,
 He isn't worth the excitement and passion. He'll break your heart into so many parts for so many reasons that you'll spend years piecing it back together. Even though you'll be so young
-Older and Wiser
Dear Young Me,
 Listen to the morning announcements in second grade. That way, one day you will hear that you're not supposed to play in the mud and you won't be embarrassed in front of the whole school when you get stuck and the janitor has to pull you out.
-Scarred for life
Dear Young Me,
 Take better care of yourself...your health, your body, your image. Do it for you and only you. Everybody else doesn't really care.
-feeling unhealthy
dear depressed girl,
 don't change. well maybe tell the doctor to fuck himself when he prescribes you that awful medicine. getting off of it isn't fun.
-love your healthier self
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