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Dear Young Me,
 Stop trying to climb the tree in the back yard, you will keep falling and eventually will break your arm.
-~Older me
Dear high school me, ,
 The kids that make fun of you behind your back because you're a little chunky are all jealous now because you're HOT! Sadly he will break your heart, but only let him do it once and only cry once about it. Give him time to grow up and you'll see what a great man he grows up to become. Keep dancing!
-love the happy college grad : )
Dear Young Me,
 You're life will get better. Believe me.
Dear Young Me,
 don't give into temptations, you will regret it later, but in the end you will be happy, and find a wonderful guy. Don't ever give up.
-things happen for a reason
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about what your mom says. If you love him, she will eventually get over it. Don't ruin a love story that could last a lifetime trying to please others.
-Love, the LUCKY older you
Dear Young Me,
 See? Everyone was right. If you waited long enough there would be a handsome young gentleman, who wants t take care of you. Not like those others you let break your heart.
-Older, Happier, Loved Me
Dear Young Me,
 The boy that you get physically involved with will leave you two days later. The boy that does not pressure you for it is still there waiting after four years.
-Love, Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 alcohol is bad. You spent way to many years being angry for no reason. And by the way, your horn (music) will take you places you would never have imagined. You were a bad ass and still are. Follow your heart and tell the people that you love how much you really love them. No regrets!
-Still a bad ass, but wiser!
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