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Dear 4th Grade Me,
 When you're standing in line and that girl is behind you and asks you if you want to go to her house sometime...say no. she's awful.
-More confident, wiser me.
Dear Young Me,
 follow your heart even if things and other people are in the way or change your mind.
-lost love
Dear Young Me,
 Just get over yourself, get out of your own head and have fun - other people aren't watching and judging.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Save yourself. A better man will be along soon. Wait for him. And do your damn homework! You'll thank me later.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Tell your sister to take her medication. You know she's not taking it and there's not long left.
Dear Young Me,
 Open your eyes! Sure the relationship wasn't perfect (and neither was he), but he fought like hell to keep it going, and all you do was run away because of your stupid fear. If you had opened up more and not constantly pushed him away, he might still be here.
-Wishing I could go back
Dear Young Me,
 It gets better. Don't give up hope. He's only a good friend and that is all you'll ever need.
-a slightly older and happier me
Dear young me,
 You shouldn't have gone any further into the drug world after you were made aware of how amazing weed was. All the other shit gets you into trouble.
-an older & Wiser me, after rehab.
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