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Dear Young Me,
 don't start drinking, or smoking. These things lead to about 85% of the conflicts between you and your world.
Dear Young Me,
 Realize what you have before it's gone. It'll be gone eventually and you'll be sorry.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 Food won't make your parents get back together. And it sure as hell won't make your father love you.
-Healthier Me
Dear Young Me,
 People are not thinking about you to the extent you might think they are. All that posturing is really not all that important. Be who you are, not who you think they'll like......they'll like the real you better anyway.
-Older You
Dear Young Me,
 If theres two guys you love, go for the second one. Something hadto be wrong with the first one to make you fall in love with somebody else.
-Love Blind
Dear Young Me,
 Being yourself is hard and flying solo means more work because you don't have the down drafts of others to ride on....BUT....its worth it. Your dignity, self love, and ability to care for yourself will draw in people who support and love you regardless of the freak flag you fly
-Dancing to our Drummer
Little Man,
 Don't worry about what they say to you, none of them matter!
-You're better now.
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