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Dear Young Me,
 There's nothing you can do, this is just a warning for the hell your life is going to be. He's not coming back from the Marines. You're 15 he's 18.You two are in love, but be weary of the risks of letting your heart fly so strong into the front line. Never let a day go by without loving him.
-Heart Forever Broken
Dear 11 year-old-me,
 Don't skip school. Ever. Especially not on September 11th, 2001. New York may be fun, but you should have been in class.
- I still have nightmares
Dear Young Me,
 Go surprise your best friend right now (before she goes to work) and tell her to call in sick to work so you can play hookie together. But you must take her TODAY, September 11th, 2001.
-I never stop missing you
Dear Young Me,
 Tell your sister to take her medication. You know she's not taking it and there's not long left.
Dear Young Me,
 On August 13th 2009 go to him and tell him everything will be okay. Tell him that what he is planning to do tomorrow will not fix things, and will change everyones life forever. Maybe you will be able to stop him and show him how much he really means to everyone before its too late.
-missing my bestfriend everyday
Dear Young Me,
 Hang out with Dad. Tell him that you love him.
-You will lose him when you are 16
Dear Young Me,
 Wake up 1 hour earlier on Monday, Jan 6th and go to your parents room. Dad will be awake; just tell him how much you love him and how well he's done his job as a father. Thank him for all the moments he loved you and raised you to be a good and honest person, 30 minutes later it will be too late.
-Your thankful self from the future
Dear young man,
 Don't buy a motorcycle. We love and miss you.
-Your friends and family
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