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Dear Young Me,
 If you like her ask her out and if she rejects you get over it, there will be others.
-Older me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't press send. You're angry now, but you will never be able to take back those hurtful words. You and your father will never be the same again. Please sleep on it, revisit the email when your head is clear.
-Regretful Daughter
Dear Young Me,
 Food won't make your parents get back together. And it sure as hell won't make your father love you.
-Healthier Me
Dear Young Me,
 I don't know, man. I haven't been able to figure out how do to anything right.
-No advice for you
Dear Younger Me,
 Believe nothing you see and half of what you hear
-I Should Have Known Better
Dear Young Me,
 It's going to be okay. Don't beat yourself up or regret life because of the mistakes you've made, because you will learn and move on. I promise.
-Your future self
Dear Young Me,
 You are drop-dead gorgeous underneath all of that makeup. The things you hate about your looks don't even exist. You are also a great friend and extremely intelligent. You have so much going for you. Stop beating yourself up!
-older & wiser
Dear teens,
 Be fucking happy, do you know how much time you wasted worrying and crying over something you won't remember after a couple of months?
-Live for once
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