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Dear Young Me,
 High five dude, the sacrifices you made have payed off. You established a balance between your own happiness and others. You'll like (most of) the journey (minus the crazy betch), and the destination, bro.
-signed, content.
Dear Young Me,
 You did not deserve that, and she did not deserve you. and that is ok.
-It does get better. With time.
Dear Young Me,
 Follow your dreams, even if they sound crazy to some one else. She loved you, even if after you break up she doesn't. Don't let anyone make you think different! Don't let anyone make you feel different! You're great just like you are.
-Still-trying-to-believe-it me
Dear Young Me,
 " relax, take it easy". There'll be time for everything. Go slowly.
-that one who konws your fears
Dear Young Me,
 At some point, you are going to think that you want a motorcycle. Buy a convertible instead.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't worry about the choices you haven't made. You don't know jack. Accept it.
Dear Young Me,
 slow down. life isn't a race! you'll get where you're supposed to be. enjoy where you are for now.
-a more patient me
Dear younger and happier me - ,
 He is going to change when he leaves and it will take you three years to realize that you fell in love with a lie. Love yourself enough to say "no" and stay single for a while longer.
- Slightly older and more alone me
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