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Dear young me,
 You got there, even though you felt you'd never be found again.
-older you x
Dear young me,
 things aren't the same as when you were a child, a lot will change but you'll eventually see that everything works out. keep going and enjoy the adventure.
-older you
Dear Young Me,
 Those girls who bully you now, will destroy their own lives later on, and you will have the last laugh.
-got over it.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't mess around in high school.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 You're happier single than in a relationship with someone you don't love. Don't be afraid to leave him.
-Single and Loving It
Dear slightly younger self,
 What you have waited months for, came true. You lucky girl. Hopefully in another 6 months it can be more official, and last, forever. But for now, your left wondering and hoping for the future. But I'm sure it'll be worth it. He is the one
-Yourself, several months later.
Dear Young Me,
 Yes, you are gay. Stop trying to deny it. Don't be afraid. Soon you'll move to a new city where there will be people who love you regardless.
-self acceptance is key.
Dear young smart beautiful me,
 You do not have to be a victim anymore. Being physically and emotionally abused was your past don't let it be your present. You are not worthless. Your mothers hateful words are just that--words. Just as the title "mother" is just a title. Her not loving you is no excuse not to love yourself.
-a slightly older happier you
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