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Dear Young Me,
 After he cheats, break up with him and stick to your decision no matter how much it hurts. Don't give him a reason to ever turn it around on you.
-Experienced Me
Dear Young Me,
 She may be your best friend and get all the boys now. But you will get the best one out there soon enough.
-Happy and in love
Dear young me,
 When he dies, it will shatter your heart. Your 14 year old mind won't know how to comprehend it. But don't go looking for safety in boys. They won't give you what you want. Just carry on, and know that it will all get better.
-A wiser, more at peace Me
Dear Young Me,
 People are not thinking about you to the extent you might think they are. All that posturing is really not all that important. Be who you are, not who you think they'll like......they'll like the real you better anyway.
-Older You
Dear blind me,
 Its okay to fall in love despite your parents crumbling relationship. It doesn't have to be that way for everyone...
-Finally feeling the unseen
Dear Little Me,
 Don't join the Army, you are going to be scarred for the rest of your life. For fucks sake, ask Jaime out.
-Big Rhett
Dear Young Me,
 The secret to a successful partnership is for each of you, equally, to believe that you are not good enough for the other.
-Old Me
Dear Afraid,
 Be happy. Your mom is crazy, dad's an enabler, your brother is a murdering psychopath in the making, and you dated a liar. So? Stop dwelling on it and enjoy the wonderful person you became because of it. You will have a sailor, with a loving family that adores you. Make your own family out of it.
-Just Breathe....
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