Dear Young Me,
 Don't end a book on a bad chapter.
-Older Me.
Dear Young Me,
 Your father is an asshole. He's going to hurt you, abandon you, and make your life a living hell. But you'll make it out on the other side tougher than ever before
-Love- Older, Stronger Me
Dear Young Me,
 Everyone will turn against you.
-But you will overcome.
Dear Little Me,
 Don't waste those 3 years loving someone who in incapable of loving you back. You find the man of your dreams later in junior year anyway. (P.S. He becomes your gay best friend in the end)
-got both men of my dreams
Dear Young Me,
 Your life won't be easy, you'll have to handle lots of problems that many teenagers usually don't have, you might have to leave some projects but it's going make you a great winner, someday...
Dear Young Me,
 Don't believew him when he tells you that he's going to leave his wife for you. You will waste five years of your life waiting.
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 You're going to discover that the most rewarding part of your education was the time you spent away from school. Don't let it define who you are; nobody else judges you by that standard.
- Pre-grad school Me
Dear Young Me,
 Yes, I got your letter from the time capsule. Do not be so excited about that trip to the theme park. You don't go on any rides that day. Thankfully, you will eventually. Smile more. Things are not nearly as bad as you might think they are.
-Love, Me/You/Still me
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