Dear Young Me,
 Just get up, don't waste your time decaying in front of your computer & waiting for an exciting scenario in your life to happen. Staring out your window at the trees isn't going to make it any closer.
-Agitated Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let yourself lose sleep over it; You're healthy. Now go out there and get 'em!
-Older Me.
Dear Freshman in highschool me,
 Don't try to be friends with who you think is the most popular. You'll never be good enough for them so focus on being good enough for yourself.
-Senior in highschool me
Dear Young Me,
 It gets better.
-Happy Gay Me
Dear Young Me,
 You wouldn't be in love with an amazing man, if you had succeeded in your plan.
-Still alive to love another day.
Dear Young Me,
  Carry on the way you are. You probably drink too much, party a little too hard and make a complete ass out of yourself. But along the way you meet some amazing people and create some beautiful and unforgetable memories.
-The one who's living her life!
Dear Young Me,
 see what is in front of you, don't look beyond imaginary limitations
-when i'm 22
Dear Young Me,
 Do not let him go. You will not go on a day without thinking about him or what should have been.
-Older Me
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