Dear Young Me,
 Wait for the right person to take your virginity. Meaningless sex is only 1/100 of the real thing.
-Lil' wiser, LOT older
Dear Young Me,
 Go to the doctor right away. The cutting will only get worse and harder to stop, even with the help of professionals.
-The one sick of the scars.
Dear Young Me,
 I hate to say it, but you're kind of an idiot.
-A little wiser, still idiotic
Dear Young Me,
 He will insist he will love you forever and will still leave. Act as though you never heard him and you will have no actions to regret.
-Older me
Dear Young Me,
 The mistakes you will make may seem bad, but they will lead you to me. And trust me, you want to be here.
- Your Older Self
Dear Young Me,
 It's OK if you like like boys and girls - don't be so afraid of what other are going to think. Be more afraid of letting yourself down rather than others.
Dear Young Me,
 All those guys who told you they loved you just to get close to you were lying. The one who matters is still waiting.
-A little older a little wiser
Dear Young Me,
 Spend all that money more wisely. You'll definitely need it later.
-Older, financially broken you.
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