Dear Young Me,
 That boy you think you love freshman year of college is only holding you back from experiencing life. Telling him goodbye will be the best (and hardest) choice of your life this far but its worth it.
-Love, Someone enjoying life
Dear Young Me,
 He'll break your heart a thousand times. You'll think it's worth it now, but it's not.
-An older me
Dear Young Me,
 It may feel like your heart is clawing it's way out of your chest, but you get through it, and you become SO much better for it.
-Hang in there sweetheart
Dear Young Me,
 Don't hold your emotions in. Let it out. Cry. Tears don't make you weak. Sometimes they actually make you stronger.
-Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 You think you love him, but he'll leave you because he wants to be single. You'll try to hook up with guys to spite him, but your best friend has loved you for months. He's the right one.
-finally kissed him yesterday :)
Dear Young Me,
 Just wait. He will come to you sooner than you think.
-Happy, slightly older me.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't give up on love. Mom and Dad may fight, but not every relationship is like theirs. You'll find someone to love you soon. Never give up on love.
-Didn't give up
Dear Younger Me,
 When your ready. You'll realize that he never truly made you happy. You only thot he did because he was the perfect boyfriend. But... he wasn't anything like you. Ditch the security and run free. Start looking for guys that aren't just nice but resemble you in a way.
-Older me
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