Dear Young Me,
 every breath is a second don't quit trying,there's still hope...
Dear Young Me,
 You will meet your future husband over myspace, you will move out of moms after high school and learn what life should really be like.
-Signed, wife and college student u
Dear Young Me,
 A year later and you STILL miss and love her? She is getting married now (not to you). You HAVE to let her go. You'll love yourself more and fall in love again (someday) if you do.
- Your stronger self.
Dear younger dumber me,
 Wait until you find a nerdy blond boy who loves God like you. Don't waste your kisses on anyone but him. He loves you and shows you daily how much more your God loves you.
-Older more loved me
Dear 17 yr old me,
 Don't drink with him, you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
Dear the-me-last-October. ,
 You don't think you will, but you fall for him...hard. You will think you have it all under control and that you're not like the other girls, but in get used, and hurt. Don't cheat on your boyfriend with will haunt you everyday. It still does. Be more careful with your heart.
-Love, your tired/confused heart
Dear Young Me,
 I know it hurts. Don't feel like you have to be over it in a day; he betrayed you. Things will get better in their own time, I promise. But let it happen naturally; forcing it won't do you any good.
-The Smarter You
To my embittered youth,
 I want you to take every moment that you've felt the faint spark of passion... and ACT ON IT. You have no idea what you are capable of! You bring SO MUCH HOPE to everyone, so why not in a relationship? -P.S. keep your eyes open the end of Sophomore year: she is the best that's ever happened to you.
-Your older, heartless self.
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