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Dear Young Me,
 If something feels wrong, it is. Don't try to convince yourself otherwise.
-You'll thank me later
Dear Young Me,
 You will love him more than anything and he will break your heart. Do it anyway, because the memories make it worth it.
-Broken hearted, but hopeful
Dear Still Young,
 continue to spend high school getting "high school drunk" every weekend. It might not be as cool when you are no longer in high school. After high school party it up, you only live once, but don't go overboard on the booze, you will make a fool of yourself.
-just have fun. fuck the rest.
Dear Young Me,
 When prescribed meds for bipolar, take them, don't convince yourself the doctor was a quack. Your love life, career and overall sanity, rely on this advice.
-An unemployed, single you.
Dear Young Me,
 there are so many open doors to you, high school isn't the end of life, you can be a doctor, just never give up hope and remember those that stood beside you.. your True friends, your family and most importantly your self
-Future Trauma Surgeon You
Dear Young Me,
 One day people will wish they were you. Don't listen when they make fun of you now.
-Happier Me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't listen to your friends. You did love him. And guess what. You're married to him now. And it's the best thing that ever happened to you.
-We always knew it
Dear Young Me,
 Don't ditch your friends for a guy. You'll never get them back.
-Very slightly older me
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