Dear Young Me,
 Don't think you have to settle for her. She's not worth any of the pain and damage she's caused. Move on. You'll make amazing friends and meet a girl who changes your entire world and makes you realize there are much better people out there for you who accept you for who you are.
-The older wiser girl of the future
Dear Young Me,
 Mourn him when he's gone. Be sad for a bit, but don't be sad forever. He wouldn't want that for you. He also wouldn't want you to blame yourself for his passing. When you meet the grey-eyed, charming boy, trust him completely. He won't do you wrong, and he'll be your best friend and best lover.
-Much More Experienced Me
Dear 9th grade me,
 you're probably thinking you'll never get a chance with him, just wait for Junior year
-Senior me
Dear Young Me,
 you're going to talk about him like he puts stars in the sky, trust me. he's not worth it
-still getting over him
Dear 16 year old me, ,
 You've just experienced your first of many heartbreaks. Hang in there. You're going to be OK.
-19 year old me
Dear Young Me,
  Stop hurting yourself and wake up.
-Older Me.
Dear young me,
 Don't drop out of school, A part time job isn't worth it. and your going to miss out on a lot.
-someone in debt
Dear Young Me,
 Forget what everyone says.Do what you want,but never forget to love the right person,if you love the wrong one,it will fuck you up.
-Future Chick,OxfordLova
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