Dear younger me.,
 It's not shaming to ask for help, you are not as alone as you think.
- Older & happier
Dear Young Me,
 Get trauma therapy ASAP. It will prevent chronic illness and two divorces. There *is* something wrong with you - PTSD from early childhood medical trauma.
-48 year old still healing me
Dear Young Me,
 Don't waste your time trying to justify the actions of the ones that have hurt you. When you find the right one, you'll know it and there will be nothing to justify.
Dear Young Me,
 You can't blame yourself for what he did to you. It'll take years, but you'll heal from the rape. You'll love again and live again. Just hold on.
-A Healing You.
Dear Young Me,
 In the moment, bad choices can happen. But please, please, in that moment sit back and think about the consequences. Its not worth losing your best friend, the love of your life, your future.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't stop taking piano lessons. Your little sister will become better than you, and you will wish that you could keep up with her.
-Older And Less Talented You
Dear Younger Me, ,
 Don't worry. I know it seems horrible now, but you will actually do it. You keep telling your self you will be miserable forever. But you will actually accomplish your goal in your early 20's. You know what else, there is somebody out there. He's been waiting for you. You will be happy.
-a Older and much Happier You
Dear Younger Me, ,
 You have spent much of your life unhappy and alone. You think its because you are 100 + pounds overweight and will never lose the weight. You think you will never get a boyfriend. You think you've messed up too much to get into a good college. Well guess what? You were wrong about everything.
-A Older and Much Happier You
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