Dear young me,
 Waiting nine months seems like a long time to wait for a boy you already know you want to spend the rest of your life with, but don't give up! It's so worth it.
-Love a nine month older you.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't let her talk you into it no matter what she says. She'll tear your life apart.
-Older Me
Hey there kiddo,
 Stick it out. You still love him, almost 10 years later. He's your best friend, THE best. Things have always seemed bleak. But you'll still love him, and you're still trying. Your effort will show for something one day, I'm sure.
-Love, K
Dear Young Me,
 You made all the right decisions. You're heart gets broken over and over but its all so you end up here. Make all your mistakes because they make you better.
-Battered beaten but stronger me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop being so uptight! Life is fun, enjoy it.
-love, me
Dear Young Me,
 just tell him you love him. don't wait until you're married to someone else to admitt it
-older me
Dear Young Me,
 Do NOT pick up the book that cute guy with the smile dropped on the train. Step over it and step away.
-love broken
Dear Young Me,
 Hurting yourself isn't going to help. It may seem the best way to go, but really. You're just keeping yourself in a dark place. Give yourself a break. People love you. Just wait. You'll see how wonderful the world can be.
-A NoLongerHospitalized Me
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