Dear Young Me,
 It won't last. The feeling of disappointment and regret at falling for him, it eventually goes away. Trust me.
-Over him
Dear Young Me,
 It's called the Golden Rule for a reason. Be sure to follow it; it'll matter in the future.
-Love always, me.
Dear younger me,
 Remember that joke he told you outside the back of the school after German class. He'll be rushed to hospital soon and you'll never get to laugh at his brilliant, but twisted sense of humor again.
-older you who doesnt laugh as much
Dear Young Me,
 You'll never forget the anguish in your stepdad's expression after you tell him that you hate him. Try to remember that he didn't have to be your father. He loves you and Mom more than anything.
Dear Young Me,
 Be patient- he ends up loving you in the end, dont worry.
Dear Young Me,
 Don't get that perm. Trust me, you will love your hair just like it is! Plus, you won't look like a poodle.
-Straight-haired Older Me
Dear Young Me,
 He's not "the one." Let him go and you'll find someone you never knew you would--- yourself.
-finally free
Dear Young Me,
 Work hard. The world will take notice.
-Love, you now.
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