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Dear Young Me,
 Don't tell him your pregnant. He won't run, but he will hate you for it more and more each day. You can do it on your own, and be MUCH happier.
-Older and still miserable.
Dear Young Me,
 It's true -- it's easier to stay in shape than to get back in shape. Put down the cookie!
-Love, Finally Back in Shape You/Me
Dear Young Me,
 You'll fall for her as soon as you meet her. Don't spend the entire year denying it until it's too late. Take a chance. Later, you'll realize it was totally worth it.
-Loving Without Regrets
Dear Young Me,
 Don't start smoking, you'll regret it. Move in with Dad as soon as things start to get bad. Don't get that apartment with mike, it's fun but you'll put yourself in debt before you even start school. Say yes to the guy in the metal band, he's so worth it and the only one you'll be getting with anyway
-Future you with a few tips
Dear Young Me,
 When you're 13, you will miss being 11. When you're 15, you will miss being 13. When you're 18, you will miss being 15.
-,things aren't that bad
Dear Young Me,
 Play her the song you wrote for her. She'll love you before she moves and dies in Wisconsin. It's worth it and I'd die for those few more months with her.
-you with one regret
Dear Young Me,
 stop trying so hard! you would be a lot happier if you thought about yourself every once in awhile! dont be afraid to say no
-always giving...never having
Dear Young Me,
 Stay a kid as long as possible. You only have a little while to be young. You have an eternity to grow up.
-you're only young once
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