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Dear 15 Year Old Me,
 You think, you know everything, and that you are untouchable. But there really are repercussions to your actions, and you will really pay for it later. Heed what your parents say, because they actually know what they're talking about.
-Finally Understand Me.
Dear Young Me,
 nothing will ever last forever.
-older, alone me
Dear Young Me,
 Stop thinking you'll never get through it. You do and in the end you're even happier than you were before.
-Older Me
Dear naive me,
 Friends don't treat her the way she treats you. She's not worth your time and effort. Dump him, ditch her, find your real friends, and focus on helping yourself, not others.
-Your older, better off Me
Dear Young Me,
 Listen to your friends and family: if they don't like him, he's bad news.
-Enduring another rape anniversary
Dear young me,
 Don't take him back, its not worth it. You will regret it later, when you can't trust again.
- stronger and smarter me
Dear Young Me,
 He'll regret leaving you.. Don't worry.
-learning to move on
Dear Young Me,
 Get your anxiety under control. You have it easier than you think.
-Older Me.
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